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Picture of testimonial author
I met Gorazd quite a few years ago, and meanwhile, we cooperated on few projects at Optiweb. He came into the company for a two-month. He showed that he is very motivated, team player and willing to work and learn hard to accomplish tasks that we gave him. I have just positive words about him. And besides all that, he is a great example because he is trying to get practical knowledge and then transfer it further.
Rating: 5 stars
Miha Lavtar
CEO at Optiweb
Picture of testimonial author
With Gorazd from Prima production, we participated in ProteusThemes for 2 months. Almost entirely, in a very quick time, he took over the support of clients, where he proved to have excellent communication skills. He discovered quite a few bugs in our WordPress themes, successfully solved them and, in cooperation with the team, prepared updates for our users. He has also improved the documentation for a better user experience, which ultimately represents our competitive advantage in the saturated market. He is extremely professional at work, which shows his knowledge of the web.
Rating: 5 stars
Primož Cigler
CEO at ProteusThemes